Hochkönig - the peak of emotions

Hochkönig - the peak of emotions

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One game 2 game variants:


Holiday feelings in the snowy area of the Hochkönig
When the snow takes control of the Hochkönig region, a winter kingdom opens up to the visitor with many possibilities. The focus is on fun, sport and socializing. With perseverance and skill you will manage to climb the peak of emotions.


Pulsating adrenaline in your veins
Clean mountain air, idyllic alpine pastures and fresh meadows invite you to linger and recharge your batteries - but now there is no time for that. True to the motto "wild, free, unrestrained" it is important to visit the many attractions of the region. As a real active vacationer, you know that you can only achieve true feelings of happiness with sporting commitment and a thirst for adventure.


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